Recommended Resources

Books for teaching pronunciation

Pronunciation Games by Mark Hancock

This book is a constant go-to for any ESL teacher with pronunciation on their mind (and that should be all of them!). Easily photocopiable because it is spiral-bound, this one is top of the list for a reason. Loads and loads of activities covering sound knowledge, word and sentence stress, intonation and features of connected speech.

The English Pronunciation in Use series

These books and CDs are quite versatile, with chapters targeting specific sounds as well as functions of stress, intonation, connected speech, pausing and chunking. They can be used in the classroom and for extra practice at home. The teacher's edition comes with several CDs.

Elementary Intermediate Advanced

Tree or Three by Ann Baker

Ann Baker's pronunciation course books are available for elementary and intermediate students (though somewhat adaptable up and down). Each chapter covers English pronunciation sound by sound, with extra activities covering suprasegmental features such as stress and intonation. Tree or Three is the elementary edition.

Ship or Sheep by Ann Baker

Ship or Sheep is the intermediate edition of the above.

Sound Foundations by Adrian Underhill

A real must-have for any teacher of pronunciation, this is a teacher's guide rather than an activity resource or coursebook specifically for the classroom. Pronunciation teaching is a complex topic and Adrian Underhill's book excels at getting across key concepts in an accessible way without dumbing them down, with lots of ideas for classroom activities included in the second half.

How to Teach Pronunciation

This is an entry in the Pearson "how to" series of teacher's guides, and contains plenty of good advice on teaching English pronunciation. Perhaps not as popular as Underhill's book, this is still a good resource for the ESL teacher looking for professional development in pronunciation.

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